Ladybug Liptiful Facial Toning Tool for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Non Plumping)
Ladybug Liptiful Facial Toning Tool for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Non Plumping)
Ladybug Liptiful Facial Toning Tool for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Non Plumping)
Ladybug Liptiful Facial Toning Tool for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Non Plumping)

Ladybug Liptiful Facial Toning Tool for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Non Plumping)

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This one-size item is for facial toning and training. Specifically designed for toning around the lip area rather than focusing on plumping; this design fits just around the outer edge of your lips and sticks on using lip and cheek muscles. It's perfect weight and size makes it very easy to use for facial retraining and lip exercises! Kids will love this one and moms, too!! (See the outside size difference from our basic Flower plumper in the above photos.)

P.S. All our tools can be used for toning but this one is designed just for it! Creasing above the lips may occur with such a small rim if too much suction is used while lips are pressed "on" the little rim. We always encourage the no sucking technique with the other heavier tools. This one should be used that way also. Just let it sit and be patient --it will work!

For further lip exercise questions, please see Excercises for Fuller Lips and other facial exercise posts at Also, take a look at Facial Fitness with Kandee Johnson! Lots of teens doing videos about safe plumping and toning on @liptifultools IG. Our favorite exercises are by Patricia Goroway.

**Dishwasher Safe

Sizing Tips: Please check our sizing chart to make sure you are ordering the right model for your face! Our Ladybugs only come in one size at this time. 

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Returns: PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SIZE CAREFULLY and ask for help if you need it before you order. We cannot exchange used tools. This model only comes in small. If that isn't what you want, please choose another model. Our tools help you make lasting progress over time. They are designed to not bruise if used correctly. Please use according for directions for two weeks and contact us if you have problems.

Patent Pending: Our fun lip toning tool designs are patent pending, and we make them for teens and adults under a U.S. patent to have a safe, non-surgical, non-injection option. Our tools are great for facial toning and a healthy way to increase lip volume.

Disclaimer: Check with your therapist, doctor or dentist before beginning any facial exercise program or before plumping lips especially if you are experiencing TMJ, have dental implants or veneers, Bell's Palsy or similar health concerns. Ask your lip injection doctor if using this concept would help your results We never recommend pulling your lips or using too hard of a suction as it could cause bruising. Never leave a child unattended with a Liptiful Tool. 

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