Workout your Pout !!! Fight Aging with Safe, Natural Facial Fitness !!!!

Here's Kandee Johnson explaining how it works!

The Liptiful is a small cosmetic tool that enables the plumping of lips in a safe, natural way. With daily use over a period of two weeks your lips will slowly gain the ability to add fluid and the fourteen muscles around the mouth are being strengthened, resulting in fuller lips and reduced lines.

Our Tools are hand-pressed, glazed and twice fired in our family workshop to create an elite ceramic Lip plumping/ facial exercise tool that because of the weight and feel provides an experience and results that cannot be reproduced with plastic. Also they can be fully customized with names or designs.


Enjoy these customer reviews.
We have nearly 1,000 5-star reviews on our Etsy site too!  Facebook has awesome reviews and Amazon and Ebay.  
Thank you all for your wonderful tools and for all the love you give out :) Love your products & what your family stands for. Keep up the great work!!
"I'm crazy obsessed with my Liptifuls :) I have one in my desk, one in my car, and one by my bed!! Toning my face and increasing collagen to my face while working?! I'll take it! The strawberry is my fav. "
"Liptiful is such a great tool! The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of these lips tools is impeccable! They are so elite, and they work!! In my experience with Liptiful tools. I started using them back in early 2014. I used to get lip fillers to increase my lip size and stumbled across these tools one day and wondered if they really worked? I decited to give it a try as it was a much less expensive way to plump my lips plus give them natural muscle growth that would last! Over time my lips grew to LOVE the Liptiful... It truly does work. I haven't had to get anymore lip fillers!!! I acheive long lasting lip plumping from using it only 30 seconds, that's incredible! Not only is it cheaper, its fun and it's healthy! I have noticed over time my lips have actually grown in size. Thank you SO MUCH Liptiful for inventing this amazing tool!"
"I have been obsessed with Liptiful ever since I was introduced to this product back in 2013. I've used it for 2 years now and love the confidence it gives me to have nice plump lips anytime I want without pain or cost of injections. It's my go-to for
plumping my pout!"
~The Glam Belle YouTube/ Brandi Pope
Holy cow. I can't say enough about the amazing product made by a family in South Alabama #rolltide @liptifultools are easy to use, come in great patterns and hand painted designs and the results speak for themselves!! My lips now are primed for the #Younique lip stain that I'm addicted to. Lashes and Lips! Go show your support for this amazing family centered company! Use the tag #teamliptiful to show your support as they are trying to be strong armed out of their business! I love this product!!! If you're interested in the 3D mascara, click the link in my bio. Go check out Liptiful's page.
~ @ritzymascara
Fuller plumper lips in just a couple seconds using @liptifultools? && no worries about getting any nasty looking bruises to the lips.
~ @beyondd_beautiful
It took a couple weeks of daily use, but my lips are now starting to fill with fluid and I think it will only get better from here! Very cool product and fun to use :)
~ Heidi Fryer
I'm addicted to Liptifuls now! I will never spend my money on another lip plumping gloss. This is the real thing. I went to sleep with plump lips and woke up with plump lips. I just can't believe it. It really works!! :)
~ Sarah Cabrera
GAME. CHANGER. I cannot sing the praises of this company nor their owners! Constant communication, follow up and the product is of sound quality, design and look. I want to help get the word out to anyone who will listen on how amazing Liptiful is! I now have THREE and am going to start giving them as gifts! Seriously...they're that incredible!
~ Katheryn Johnson
I love this kiss and blow tool. I am sick, big fan of liptifuls. I already own the smooch and heart and now I own this. I love exercising with this and strengthening my lips and facial muscles such a brilliantly made tool, with a lot of thought and research put into each one, I recommend these 100% because it is all about healthy lips and muscles, I use them all multiple times days an have a routine down for them all.
After years of trying and buying lip plumping lipsticks and creams that didn't even work (and lip injections a few years back that left a unnatural looking pout) i thought i would give this a go ... Omg amazing really does work and lasted nearly a hour after first go! So easy to carry around and beautifully made ... I also ordered the rose so i can have one at work! The lady that makes these is so helpful and gets back to you straight away, even put a video on her fb page when i asked the best way to use the new blow a kiss liptiful. (I guess that is the difference you get between a small family business and a shop) i give this 5 stars well made, it really works, and brilliant customer service. I wish them all the best in the future i will be telling my friends and family all about liptiful! :-)
~ Carolinewilliamsx
“Really love this Liptiful!”
~Claire Kilgore
“The new design works so well! It’s amazing! Coolest thing ever. Totally rocks! Everyone needs to order one.”
~Grace Walker
“Loving the results from my Liptiful!”
~Tammy Mattox
“I use my Liptiful every single day and I’ve already seen results–it’s really incredible! I’ve even started buying lipstick in fun colors now!”
“I’ve tried this product and it’s AMAZING! Like anything else, you have to use it and be dedicated to see results.”
~Shirlee Poulos
“Love the Liptiful Tool! What a great way to plump up your lips before filming or shooting photos! Also is very healthy for our facial muscles!”
~Nise Davies
“I love my Liptiful!! My lips are so plump and full. Thank you for inventing this wonderful tool. I’m no longer looking into getting injections!!”
~Kandace Zuniga
“It’s awesome! It really works!!”
~Marijke Bezuidenhout
“I love my Liptiful!! Have you heard of Shark Tank? I think Liptiful would do great on there. I use mine while driving all the time!”
~Jillian Rice
“Thank you so much for the liptiful!! It is AMAZING!! I was able to hold it onto my mouth without holding it with my hand on the 2nd day of using this sweet ‘lil tool!! My facial muscles have already gotten stronger and the Plump I get is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! You have an AMAZING invention and I am sooooo happy to have found a tool that actually works!! I look forward to using this each day and I enjoy walking around with it suctioned to my mouth without having to hold onto it!! I am sooo happy with the pretty heart tool and can’t wait to use it for a lifetime!! Thank you again for your amazing lip tool that helps women feel beautiful!! Blessings to you!!!”
~Emily Sipp
“…It (Liptiful Tools) has made an incredible difference in my life…it is fun and I am the only soon to be 63 old person who has no lip wrinkles and also it tightens up my neck. When I wake up in the morning, it is still working because there are no lines on my upper lip nor my lips!! People notice a change but don’t know what it is…I also had a bump on the inside of my lower lip, a blocked saliva gland. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t have any choice as the only way to “fix” it would surgery and that might make it worse ! I can now say it is practically gone!! Yeah !! My neck is great..and I am sure it will improve. If you look yourself in the mirror while you do it, you can see the muscle working and also if you move it up and down the overall effect is superb! I would never be without my liptiful ever again!! As you said,” it is relaxing and fun,” I do my second time around at bed time, I find that it helps me sleep lol!”
~Marti Bruneton