What is Liptiful Tools?

The Liptiful is a small cosmetic tool that enables the plumping of lips in a safe, natural way. While the lips are slowly gaining the ability to add fluid over the period of two weeks, the fourteen muscles around the mouth are being strengthened by holding the tool on with lip muscle strength. There is no need to pull on the lips. The suction does all the work. After studying this topic for over six years, we believe our tool will be something anyone can use - even children. It is not just for healthy plumping.

Liptiful is a simple but revolutionary approach to lip plumping based on the concept of naturally strengthening the facial and lip muscles with easy exercises or just plain suction done at home or wherever you are. Using our tool just minutes each day will provide you with fuller, plumper lips without costly procedures or medical risk!

Feel free to look around the site at all the beautiful pics. We've put a lot into our elite clay product and we want you to see how special and unique it really is. Not just for teens but rather a revolutionary way for women to plump in a beautiful way just like women should be treated.

Liptiful helps increase strength in the lip and mouth area, plump the lips, add volume and fluid to the lips, and tone their facial muscles around the mouth. Customers have had success reducing wrinkles around the mouth and heal chapped lips. Check with your doctor first if you’ve already had injections. Overall, the Liptiful is so simple, natural and fun to use for anyone at any age.

This concept is protected by US patent licenses and art copyright laws, and can not be sold or imported without permission. Patent pending.

Liptiful reserves the right to file a disciplinary proceeding submissions with the USPTO within one year, due to 35 U.S.C. 32, against all companies and individuals suggesting possible grounds for discipline, which therefore include infringement of trademark or copyright laws.