Our Story

In 2011 our youngest daughter had an idea that made us laugh. I was not aware of lip plumpers, but I had been studying facial toning and lip exercises for years. Ruthie was so excited about her little cap idea and her full lips, so we started doing lip plumping research. We searched through cyberspace, called our modeling agent friend, and had others help us search. We couldn't find anything like this. We called Arbonne and asked them if they wanted to use the idea since we knew their product developer. She encouraged us to do a patent application right away and helped us with a lot of ideas. I had decided to file a Provisional Patent application in the summer of 2011 for our cap plumper. The day we were given a filing date was a very exciting day for us! We had a new adventure to try! I had several friends who already wanted lip plumping products try our suction idea, and we tested it a full year before selling anything. I almost gave up so many times. Only my girls and a few friends believed in the idea. I filed more Provisional Patents and a Full Utility Application. I was way too excited….and possibly gave away some of our secrets too early, while trying to share our ideas with friends. We were trying to study patents on our own and had no money to invest in this crazy idea, but what we created begin to help our family a lot. After having to move our family several times, redesign and redesign our product, and settle patent lawsuits, we are excited to watch our baby business begin to boom!

We hope you’ll love our Liptiful Tools!