New sizing chart

Probably the biggest question about Liptiful is HOW TO ORDER THE CORRECT SIZE AND STYLE. Getting the correct fit will ensure that your tool is more effective. The REGULAR sizes are a great one size fits all and are perfect for most people. However we do have LARGE sizes for those people who are gifted with height or naturally larger lips. And for the petite or those interested in spot plumping we have our small size in the Ms. Smooch and Butterfly.

Please see the chart below to determine the best tool for you. If you are still uncertain please send us a message at Send us a picture of your face and tell us how tall you are, and we will make our recommendations. We want you to be thrilled with your Liptiful Tool!

Size Small Regular Large
Heart X X
Ronny Rose X X
Miss Smooch X X
Flower Power X X
Strawberry X
Ice Cream Cone X
Seashell X
Lady bug X
Cupcake X
Butterfly X