Meet the Shepherds

“Ideas come as we watch and pay attention to our children.” ~Jo Shepherd
That shop up there was my dream and I had it for 6 months only.  In 2017 our sales dropped so much compared to recent years and we just couldn't afford the rent and Andy and boys to work on just Liptiful, so they all got jobs and we lost the shop.
We are a family of ten! That's, right, ten! We home school our younger children. Some of our older ones go to school, and our oldest are all grown up. Every part of our family contributes to this business in some way, well...they did..haha now Zanna the one in coral lives in TN, and Laura in white lives here with us with almost a newborn (but she plans to help me paint this winter) and Ruth in yellow is finishing her senior year and has an almost job at the USTA (she's my teenager who was @liptifulgirl since 2012), and the big boys work full time and do college or Buddy almost does have college classes, and well my small boys will help me sand this year...but folks it's just me right now making your tools and homeschooling and answering online plus Laura said she wants to help but works full time also.  Honestly I would love to do a new thing this year and travel to beauty shows to show our product off.  Would be so fun to bring the girls!  
We have learned to work together (during our famous days of selling and making ourselves 20k plus tools) yes we did, and our kids are learning designing, clay molds, shipping processes, tracking finances (not so much), etc. Very thankful for Andy (hubby) who is the genius behind our company and the molds and machines he invented to make it easier.
We love the beach, tennis, and doing lots of laughing together.  We 9 (almost a baby makes 10) still all live together helping the big kids get started in life.
See our story @shepherdfamilyremodels and we are praying for a job that works good for us and I will sell this patent and idea if you have an offer for us.  Andy is very talented but also very discouraged with how the patent laws allowed us to be sued over a patent we didn't infringe and that isn't even valid, and lose our home we built just us 10 and we worked years to be debt free with a home.  For now we are feeling so sad nothing (even our FixerUpper days) worked out for us and the kids.  So I make Liptifuls.  Andy works for someone installing windows.  Bottom line.  Hoping to buy our own place one day or build again with the kids.  We are trusting God as a family and seeing His plans in allowing us to sell and launch this idea first and that is key for us and we are grateful.