How To Use the Liptiful

As with any exercise; if you use your tool correctly you will be very pleased!! For easy results, develop the best way to suction your tool onto your lips by using only a slight suction. Less is better! At first if you suction too much it could cause a bruise, but after your lips are ready for fluid they should never bruise.

The first week or two, move the tool around a bit using lip muscles and a slight suction. Start

This special unique exercise with the Liptiful tool adds natural fluid slowly and strengthens facial muscles with only 10-20 seconds a day. I suggest a twice a day routine for 5-10 seconds each time to begin with. But really, with everyone’s lips being so different, please design a routine that helps you the most!! You may want to hold it “stuck on” the entire time you do your eye make-up! That works, too!!! Your muscles will quickly adjust and be able to easily hold it on with no hands. Stick with a daily routine until you get it.

by holding it on with your fingers. Do this twice a day for 10 seconds each time. Don’t give up until you notice a difference and until the suction just stays on super easy! It may take one to two weeks to see a difference in the strength of your muscles. After that, just increase the time you do your plumping. Your lips will be making more fluid as you get it used to needing more fluid due to the suction. After you are used to it; then you can hold the suction tighter to add fluid to your lips, if your goal is fuller lips; but I have found that just letting your tool sit on your lips with the slightest suction is all you really need.

To be successful, be careful not to overdo. Your plumping exercise could work against your plan of adding volume over time, if you are not careful and specific with. It could use too much muscle and cause trouble, especially if you have battled TMJ. So be careful if you’re adding extra suction, which for our tools we don’t recommend. Normal light suction is very safe and helpful to tone muscles and add circulation. It’s very easy to just let it stick on your lips and “sit” there while you do a chore or before you head out of the house. When you pull it off, you will have very plumped lips with no effort. It’s really amazing! The smaller lip shape may “stick” on better if you have small lips. Soon the lips should feel tingly and you’re ready to go! It’s really fun!