Become a Reseller

Would you like to offer Liptiful Tools in your salon or boutique? We have opportunities for resellers in the USA in brick and mortar stores. If you are interested, please contact us at to receive a reseller's agreement for consideration.

We are still investigating what we need to do to offer this internationally. It you are interested in being an international reseller, please also contact us at

Our current amazing re-seller is They will be selling Liptifuls on again we hope. We are ecstatic and encouraged by each one who writes us.  I know the law suit discouraged a lot of our business, and also when people started hurting their lips with sucking plastic, but our company strives to teach ladies about facial toning and healthy lip suction using muscles of the lips and face.  We can help you see how to sell lip tools in your store.  Also the owner of the patent we sell under wrote a letter saying despite the injunction they worked so hard for; that when they stopped the law suit she said they will write letters approving companies to work with us.  So please ask us how to get these in your store.