Don’t Suck!

Remember! Liptiful Tools are not like other devices that you suck on to quickly swell your lips up. Our goal is to help you achieve long-lasting collagen that builds gradually as you tone your facial muscles. Liptiful Tools are essentially an exercise weight for your face.

Sucking can burst blood vessels and cause bruising on your face and make your lips tender. Sucking can cause you to over-plump your lips too fast and create an undesirable look.

Using our clay face weights to tone the muscles in your face will help you gradually build collagen, reduce wrinkles, prevent chapped lips, and promote a more sculpted look to your face.

Just place your tool on your lips and hold it there with your hand while you move the tool side to side and up and down. Just practice ten seconds at a time at first, and as your muscles tone, your lips will be able to grab and hold the tool with just your lips and tongue muscles to do your exercises. Be patient. Ab workouts don’t produce a six-pack overnight….and face workouts don’t produce plump lips overnight. But you will see a difference soon!