Workout Your Pout with us!

Liptiful's Miss Smooch is our top pick for this year (Find it in our Pre-Order section).  Email us if you need one sooner for a review and we can make anything you want.  Trending as an excellent tool for toning and plumping; it will work perfect for you (have you seen my instagram videos about how to use it?).  It is a small (the smallest) cosmetic hand-held tool that enables the plumping of lips in a safe, natural way.  The lip-shaped tool, Miss Smooch, is especially safe as it keeps you from sucking your whole mouth into something.  We have always tried to stay away from that and this tool helps you focus correctly on lip health. With daily use over a period of two to four weeks your lips will slowly gain the ability to add fullness, and the fourteen muscles around the mouth are being strengthened and grow, resulting in fuller lips and reduced lines around the lip area.  Please work with it two weeks before contacting us but when you do we will help you find the perfect tool if you don't like that one!

 P.S.  I have some roses, flowers, strawberries and hearts that will ship right away if you order in April.  These are left over from some Andy pressed for us for the Pre-Order folks.  Lips and other shapes may not ship until May. 

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